Senses | Detroit MI

Master of Architecture Thesis | University of Detroit Mercy

The goal of this project is to stimulate the human senses to bring on to a heightened state of mind; through the use of procession, activity, materials, and the phenomena of nature (wind, water, light, temperature, touch, sound, smell, and taste). The proposed program for this thesis is a wellness center incorporating an awareness of the sustainability of the surrounding environment which lies beneath the urban fabric.

The site plays an important role in this facility because it requires the users to have an interest in the wellness of their bodies and maintenance towards their quality of life. The site also is required to have mainly pedestrian access. Since private and public spaces are both important it needs to be accessible to the option of both uses. In the public space, street access is the highest priority so that the public program reaches out to passersby. The private space will allow one to embrace the surrounding environment with a focus on the awareness of oneself.

Auto Cad, Photoshop, Hand Crafted Sketches, Graphic Design, Extensive Research, Extensive Site Analysis