Hines Competition | Seattle WA

ULI/Gerald D Hines Urban Design Competition

• Connect to the Seattle area multi-modal network by reducing the Vehicular Miles Traveled and ensuring alternative modes of transportation are abundant and easily accessible

• Connect to an enhanced pedestrian oriented lifestyle by encouraging walkability through the development of a dense, compact neighborhood. This creates a complete neighborhood witha mix of uses to reflect the needs of McClellan Crossing.

• Connect to energy, water, and natural conservation systems by capturing, reusing, and reducing stormwater runoff within the site. By considering alternative options for dealing with energy and waste it allows the loops within the site to be closed.

• Connect to the Olmsted Parkways and adjacent recreational corridors by encouraging human interaction with nature through open spaces in and near the neighborhood. This is accomplished by enhancing the existing biodiversity which provides a variety of landscapes and preserved existing habitats.

• Connect to the diverse cultural wealth of the area by instilling a ‘sense of place’ in McClellan Crossing. This will provide diverse opportunities to appeal to a range of residents and to encourage aging in place.

3D Max, Photoshop, Sketch Up, Auto Cad, Graphic Design, GIS Data Retrieval